We have a new family member

For the 2003/2004 school year, we've been hosting Tobi, a teenaged Quaker from Magdeburg. It has not been the experience we expected, but for Jorj and myself, it's been more than we hoped for. We can only hope Tobi has had as much fun as we have.

Hanging with Janine

Now that she's got wheels, Janine stopped by back in October. Jorj had bought her a gen-u-ine Texas cowboy hat. I have to say, my sister did a great job with Janine, and they're doing a great job with Sam.


Sandy found an article on a house for sale, originally by the firm of Willing, Sims and Talbutt, which led me to this this. (All hail Google, and there really are that few Talbutts in the world.)

Hey, would this be UPDATES?

Yes, yes it would. Now go look at some pictures:

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