Middle-aged white woman with glasses and purple and pink highlights in her shoulder-length hair.July 5: Drinking a blue moon

About as close to red white and blue as I'll get anywhere near July 4th.

To prepare for Leverage: Redemption premiering on Friday, July 9, we spent the day watching some episodes from the original series.

July 2: Donald Rumsfeld is dead, and I found all of Jakob's laundry

It was in the closet. The silverware remains missing.

The heat has broken.

Halfway through the year and the copyright notice is finally up to date.

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One-liners about bad UI, Doctor Who, and the rest of my life.

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Things found in Jakob's room

With Jakob at camp, now is the time to find all the flatware that's disappeared into their room:

I bake too

And sometimes I write about it.