more friends, fewer things: the new motto here at susiej

This is my best friend. Yes, I do know how lucky I am.
Punk goddess Jo-Ann, with Ryan.
Shopping at the Vietnamese market with Nicky, February 2004
Martin, Julie and Theo (the bald one)
Den of iniquity.

Some of my friends

Jorj (who yes, does come first), now has a * photoblog
Chip Buchholz
Tobias Buchmann and his journal and his photoblog
Sarah Friedman and her journal
* Wild Sarah
Rob Bunting
Val Detweiler
* JG
* Tony
Scott Harker
* Keith
* Martin Kelley
* Cecily
Jim Panetta
* GR, my former and much missed BOFH
* Jo-Ann
* Nicky Schummer
Simon Tarr
* Mike
Steve Tyson
Matt Wengraitis
* Marsha Wirtel

* people who update regularly

Time with friends

We visited Manisha, Jeff, Joey and Maya.

Chris and Frank host the warriors, trollops, and spawn

Rickett's Glen with Lori and Linford

Flower arranging with Lori and Lynn

Dinner at Morimoto with DJV

Suzy's "bachelorette" party

Making Suzy and Keith's wedding cake

Teppanyaki with Brennans and Croccos

Julie, Martin and Theo visit Cheltenham

Mini-golf with Gena (Gena took the pictures)

Anita's back in town

Poker, September 2003

Dinner Jo-Ann, Sarah and Cecily

Dim Sum with Anne and Rob, March 2002

Friends named for their fathers

Johnelle (also has a younger brother John)
Gena (Gene)
Marsha (Marshall, also grandfather and great-grandfather)
Jorj (George F Sr., and also the original George W.)
Chuck (also grandfather, and was called Charlie -- last name Browne)