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Mission statement

If you follow me on twitter (check out that link there in the bottom right of the page), you might remember that I am trying to find a mission statement for the site. Prompted by this statement

... to create an open community where business professionals can establish their thought leadership, increase exposure for their business/organization, and network with others.

quoted in an article by Mac technology pundit the Macalope, I remembered that I'd never made a mission statement for and immediately started tweeting some options. The following statement candidates are currently under review:

Mark Jason Dominus ‏(@mjdominus) suggested "To maximize shareholder value through commitment to exceptional service in the oven-baked food product domain."

Craig Perelman (@blackfog) suggested "Should just go with a nice, simple: 'Half-Baked.'"

"Empowering our bakers to create healthy, home-made junk food."

"Setting things on fire since 1992!" Less a mission statement than a statement of fact perhaps.

"Enabling you to hide in the kitchen with your mixer while ignoring reality." (This one was approved by my friend, Hot Water Bath.)

"Christmas and sugar all the time!!!" Something my eight-year-old son can get behind.

"Our goal is to make every kitchen covered in a fine dusting of flour by the end of the day."

"Sugar not so bad in moderation, but you should probably go for a walk after that slice." Demonizing food is tiresome.

"Bake more cookies!"

"Eat more cake!" More my personal mission statement than the site's.

And if you want the real reason I started the site all those years ago: "The most useful information I have to put on the web."

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