December 6: Sharing knowledge Advent with SusieJ

Sharing knowledge

Like many a toddler and gradeschooler, when I learn something interesting, I love sharing it with other people! For example, did you know that the first Advent calendars were printed in Germany in the 1920s? The world is so interesting and so nifty, who doesn't want to learn all about it?

There is also a joy in seeing someone's eyes light up when an idea "clicks" or they master new skills, with watching them enjoy the same things you do, for the same reasons.

Often, what knowledge I gain is through trial and error: a lot of trial, and some painful errors. Sharing knowledge might mean someone else doesn't set the oven on fire, or at least knows what to do should it happen.

Chocolate-orange Lebkuchen

This update on a German classic is the first recipe that I developed myself, as traditional Lebkuchen have never been a favorite.

Showing the kid how to form scone dough.