December 2: TV Shows Advent with SusieJ

TV Shows

Gravity Falls Described as XFiles for the Disney set, it's a classic like Bugs Bunny with humor for everyone. It has a well-planned, four-season arc that ends tidily and with character growth.

Leverage "Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys." They also make excellent television. Reboots and continuations often fall short, but the ten-years-later Leverage: Redemption is already a favorite that I've watched two or three times through.

Doctor Who There are some seasons and characters and show runners and writers I've been less than thrilled with, but, overall, I return to my favorite seasons and storylines year after year, especially while preparing to attend my next convention.

Great British Bake Off As soon as Pillsbury makes a contest anywhere near as cool as GBBO, I'll call this the Baking Show. The supportive humor of Mel and Sue, along with the contestants support of each other makes this a comfort watch, especially while baking or cleaning up.

Best Christmas episode? The Librarians: And Santa's Midnight Run Overall, The Librarians is a light and funny urban fantasy that hides some deep questions about the meaning of friendship, honesty, and doing the right thing. This episode tackles the meaning of Christmas with guest star Bruce Campbell. It makes me cry every year.


In addition to cosplaying for Doctor Who conventions (that's me at Gallifrey One as Sarah Jane Smith), I've also baked and built a gingerbread K-9 using my friend Renate's Pfefferkuchen recipe. Her Pfefferkuchen are very tasty and very sturdy. Pfefferkuchen dough is made early in Advent and left to develop its flavors for a week or so before baking.

If I ever make it to Bake Off, I'll be building a scene from classic Doctor Who with Pfefferkuchen.

Cosplaying Sarah Jane Smith: wearing a short leather jacket, black vest, black boots, and holding out a sonic lipstick.