Easter 1999 with

Three genations of George Bauers

(and the wives)

For Easter this year, we went to Jorj's Mom-mom and Pop-pop in the house that Pop-pop built (really) with his Father and Bert. As usual, Mom-mom made enough fabulous food for 40 people, Dad spoiled the dog, Ace, and we had to get pictures of three generations of men named George.

From the left, George F., Jr (aka, Jorj, Little Pete or JR), George W. (aka Joe), and George F. Sr. (aka Pete). Notice, none of them actually goes by the name George.

Pop-pop and Mom-mom. Hint to telemarketers: this is Mrs. Bauer.

Dad and Bert (Alberta). Bert kept her last last name after marriage, just like I did.

Jorj and Sue

This time, Sue actually took all of the pictures, except of Jorj and Sue; Bert took that photo.