Dinner at Morimoto

It's rather distressing that Tobi has better taste in clothes than I do. Of course, he can carry it off.
Really, I can see this picture in a men's magazine.
From upper left: Sue, Jorj, Tobi
Apparently, I was to read the menu and not smile at the photographer.
Perusing the drink list
Lynn does not stop moving. Scott, on the other hand, always sits quietly.
Lynn and Scott


Under the table photography
Tobi takes a good picture.
Bathrooms are, for me, part of the total restaurant experience. I have a tiny bladder and a great thirst, and if the bathroom is cold, boring, outdated or -- ugh -- dirty, the restaurant drops in my estimation.
Bonsai by the bathroom
Loved the silverware, loved the plates, glasses were OK.
Sue, Tobi and the fork of happiness
I don't know, what do you think it is?
What do you think it is?

Lynn's shoes
Tobi really likes shoes
Scott's shoes

See, I take interesting pictures too!
I married him for those hands.
Jorj's hands

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... and the bathroom sink

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