Manayunk May 2004

Fred's great-nephew, Sebastian, also spent 2003-2004 in America, but in Ohio. He visited Philly Memorial Day weekend, and Mom & Fred took us all to Manayunk. We took a walk along the canal.
Ami Omi, Tobi and Sebastian

Sebastian and Tante Frieda
Two good men. The immovable objects married to irresistable forces.
Fred, Jorj

The boys stayed with Mom through most of the walk.
Manayunk is one of the most lovely spots in Philly.
I took photos


City services

Canal with ducks

Bridge over canal

Sebastian had a camera too, of course!

Canal, by Tobi

Manayunk has some of the best-preserved buildings in the city

Old industrial center of Manayunk

Road bridge

South end of canal

Bridge, by Tobi

Are these people living on the same planet as the rest of us?
Prada for kids?!

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