Christmas Baking 101 with SusieJ

A plate of light brown, butterfly-shaped spritz cookies.


So you've decided to bake, but you don't know where to start. Or, you are already baking, but you still feel a bit lost. Start here!


Now you know you like baking and want to get into it a bit more. This is about upping your skills.

Going big

When it's time to bake big — anything from a 12-inch birthday cake to a day of Christmas cookies to a full wedding cake — prepartion and planning will make the day successful and retain your sanity.


Baking for people with food allergies is not the hardship that legions of disgruntled hosts and hostesses make it out to be on forum across the Internet. With some common sense, careful reading of ingredients and some cleaning, you too can avoid sending anyone to the hospital.

Parchment circles

This is where you get to dust off your high school geometry skills, or, if you prefer, your origami skills, to keep your cakes from sticking.